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Monday, January 16, 2012

Running Man staff worried about Song Ji Hyo, “Ji..Ji Hyo ya”

The ‘Running Man’ subtitles full of worry for Song Ji Hyo is receiving a lot of netizen attention.

On January 16th on an online community board, pictures of of Song Ji Hyo captured off of the January 15th episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man’ have been posted with the title ‘Running Man subtitle worrying about actress Song Ji Hyo’.

On the episode, IU made a surprise appearance and sang ‘You and I’ to wake up the cast. As the ‘Running Man’ members were woken up one by one, they came outside.

Song Ji Hyo looks down to earth without a trace of makeup on ‘Running Man’ oftentimes and this day was no exception. Song Ji Hyo came out with messed about hair covered only by a baseball cap and seemed half asleep as she couldn’t even fully open her eyes.

The netizen who posted the pictures commented, “In the words ‘Ji, Ji Hyo ya’, the worries of ‘Running Man’ for actress Song Ji Hyo and not variety cast member Chun Sung Im were expressed. Anyways, Song Ji Hyo’s pretty even with messy hair and makeup free face.”

Netizens commented, “Song Ji Hyo’s charm is in that she’s down to earth”, “Song Ji Hyo doesn’t need to pretty up to look pretty”, “Song Ji Hyo’s pretty in anyone’s eyes”, “Hee hee, ‘Running Man’ care about Song Ji Hyo” and “‘Running Man’ is so fun.”

Image: SBS ‘Running Man’

Source: TV Report via Nate

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