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OMG~ Ji Hyo dating? Anyway, best wishes and hope that she's happy!~ Yet again, to all the shippers; she's still not yet married so there's still hope~

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baek Chang Ju - currently dating!

Posted Image

Baek Chang Ju CEO of C-Jes Entertainment

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

apparently the bigger guy in the black suit is the ceo


uhhh... it's contridary to the picture they posted of him earlier in a black tuxedo... they don't look like the same person

Source image: isubs


  1. Uhm... an ugly man with many money? XD
    Song Ji Hyo, Gary is better!
    However,de gustibus non est disputandum...

  2. no...
    song joong ki is better...
    i think, she just don't want to hurt both joong ki and gary...
    that's why she choose that guy...
    actually, she like joong ki, but she blurring everyone by accept gary for monday couple, because joong ki is younger than her...
    she don't want joong ki's carrier getting down....
    i hope, joong ki realize about this.... :(

  3. Only Yoochun caught my eyes here!! :-)

  4. i really like monday couple, but everything keep on song ji hyo's touch! hope they(monday couple) have a good final result!