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OMG~ Ji Hyo dating? Anyway, best wishes and hope that she's happy!~ Yet again, to all the shippers; she's still not yet married so there's still hope~

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Monday, January 2, 2012

haha and ji hyo moments

earlier haha was not amused but later…

one happy haha (and so is ji hyo) ^^

ep 69 ^^

ep 71: you will love her?

oh come on now.. you already do :)

so who’s borrowing from who?

so who’s borrowing from who?

couple beanie and glasses

i think i’m seeing things.. or maybe not ^^

ok maybe the glasses’ not exactly the same, but i think haha has the same pair somewhere hehe

Running Man ep. 73

“song- ah”

looks like he was reaching for her hand. (though he really was just calling her)

but that’s just the shipper in me :)

feeling for haha. *that should be me*

an observation: he always bite his lips slightly whenever he talks to her.

hands! don’t let go.

^ this

^ this

now tell me they are not borrowing from each other ^^

i need to find a better pic of ji hyo with that hat on (all i did was screenshots)


i was watching the clip of haha nad ji hyo on the train where he’s trying to raise ji hyo’s heart rate.. then i came to me.. why does haha’s fashion looked familiar? then i remember ji hyo’s style in ep 70.

can’t help but screen cap ^^

Source:iSubs, tagalove@tumblr


  1. Haha has a crush on JiHyo. Both jaesuk and Sukjin pushed him towards her on several occasions .^^

  2. as i look back, a lady like jihyo personality, is the type that can match haha personality..

    i love monday couple, and i love gary oppa,but i still feel so touched when know this all..and plus even after,knowing that jihyo already got BF~

    a guy like that[HaHa], is not possible he truly fall for her since ages ago..

    since your on it-why not show some screen caps on ep 80 ^_^

  3. Does anyone knows which episode is the third and forth photos?

  4. But now , Haha got married to Byul , and Ji Hyo hv new boyfriend . *FRUST*

  5. Awww.... HaHyo is my favourite. I'm not hating anyone. I love Gary I love Monday Couple I love Running Man, but Haha and Jihyo are just so sweet. I just love their love-hate relationship. I am sure that Haha and Jihyo once liked each other :/ But now Haha oppa is married and he seems happy, *sigh*